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Whether it is for days, weeks or months, alone or with the whole family - a serviced apartment will make you feel home even in an unknown place.

From the outside, our premium apartment house presents itself with its historic balconies, curved window arches and ornamented bay windows in the brilliant fin de style style of the 19th century. Inside, 49 apartments in sizes from 30 to 65m² furnished in tasteful design provide individuality and highest comfort.

Our 26 comfortable loft apartments are part of Leipzig's transformed industrial history. You can choose from 6 different apartment types with 60 to 110 m² to find the right apartment for your individual needs.

In our comfortable apartment house, you can choose from 26 apartments in 3 different types ranging from 40 bis 65 m².



Our serviced apartments are the ideal starting point for your voyages of discovery in Leipzig.

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